Carol Zeitz, Real Estate Broker

Principal / Broker

Change is good. But only if it works.

The Past

When Carol graduated from Texas A&M University with an accounting degree, she had no idea she would eventually follow her mother’s footsteps into read estate. After a typical stint in public accounting, Carol’s career veered towards accounting and finance for real estate and property management companies. In 2004, Carol left the corporate environment and her family moved back to Houston. Carol obtained her real estate license and then her broker’s license, working with her mother in a family owned real estate company.

A native Houstonian, Carol grew up right here and has seen the city’s incredible growth. Carol says, “I remember after college I was shocked when a friend bought a home in Greatwood. It was so far out Hwy 59, none of us at work could understand how he would ever make it into work every day. Now, Greatwood really isn’t far and I live in Fort Bend County myself. The changes to the city have been fantastic and I’m so excited to be selling homes here.”

The Present

In 2012, Carol and her partners combined the two companies into one brokerage – Today’s Home Realty. The vision for Today’s Home Realty is to combine customer service with today’s technology so that clients can have the best real estate transactions possible.

Carol is a self-proclaimed technology geek, always excited about the latest mobile devices, apps, and online services. While Carol works with clients on a daily basis, she is also heavily involved in exploring and implementing technologies that work for her business and her clients. Change is good, but only if it works.

Heavily involved in the community, Carol is always looking for ways to use her skills to help others. As a Girl Scout leader, Carol helps girls find their voice, expand their horizons, and understand the awesome-ness of being female. As a member of the Fort Bend Junior Service League, Carol works with charitable organizations throughout the county, and especially loves her work with the Fort Bend Teen Service League, helping young women give back to their community while becoming tomorrow’s leaders. Carol also volunteers at Baines Middle School, particularly the art, library and music departments.

The Future

As this company grows, Carol will continue to find ways to improve efficiencies, providing better services for clients and helping agents lead a more balanced life. Carol isn’t looking to create the biggest brokerage office in town, but she does want to be one of the best, known for specialized, personal service and innovative thinking.

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